People who struggle with alcohol or drug abuse can participate in our unique substance abuse program to regain their sobriety and well-being. Through our individual tailored substance abuse therapy program and resources, we help ease their tough transition. We provide them with the best opportunity to get rid of their substance abuse problem. Berkshire Mountain Detox provides inpatient residential treatment as part of its comprehensive rehabilitation program at Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

What is Our Inpatient Residential Treatment in Berkshire Massachusetts?

At Berkshire Mountain Detox, we offer a professional inpatient residential treatment for substance abuse patients suffering from severe addiction issues. We have developed a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility at Great Barrington, Massachusetts, to serve the people in Eastern, MA (Worcester, Falmouth) and surrounding areas.

Our qualified and experienced inpatient treatment center staff monitors patient’s progress and provides treatment as per the protocol 24 hours a day.

We develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient to safely and effectively get on the road to recovery. We maintain a comfortable, supportive, and friendly environment for substance abuse patients to transition smoothly through the challenging process of dealing with withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and recovery.

The professional treatment and compassionate support that patients receive at our inpatient residential treatment center facility give the best chances of a healthy recovery from addiction while reducing relapse risks.

Benefits of Choosing Inpatient Residential Facility for Addiction Treatment

Those who join and stay in the inpatient treatment programs designed for substance abuse stop the use of substance and experience significant improvements in their life quality and functioning in the world. [1]

The substance abuse treatment’s effectiveness depends mainly on the patient’s willingness, staff professionalism, and quality of rehabilitation methodologies.

At Berkshire Mountain Detox, we have a qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced team comprising doctors, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals. We are genuinely committed to delivering high-quality treatments, restoring the health and future of the addicts in a caring and safe environment.

Choosing our inpatient residential treatment facility offers the following benefits:

  • Provides a safe and supportive environment
  • Around the clock medical support
  • Individualized care and attention
  • Custom-tailored treatment programs
  • Develops new and healthy habits
  • An environment that emphasizes the development of sobriety
  • Professional guidance for goal setting
  • Focus on promoting physical, emotional, and psychological health and well-being
  • Ongoing support and aftercare planning
  • Community support

Why Choose Us

The key to success for any substance abuse inpatient residential treatment program is a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment that facilitates recovery. And our staff understands this. We provide patients with a hygienic, caring, friendly, and compassionate environment with various other features, including the following:

  • Private rooms equipped with the latest technology
  • Separate rooms for multiple doctors and healthcare professionals
  • 24/7 nursing facility
  • Comfortable, clean, and hygienic bedding
  • Flat-screen TVs in patient lounges
  • Modern and clean bathrooms and shower rooms
  • Outdoor area for smoking

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