When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, his or her actions affect friends and family. Trust and communication often suffer. Loved ones feel hopeless when they are faced with the frustrations of caring for an addicted friend or family member. Uncovering a family program during detox that focuses on successful addiction treatment can put a person back on the right path. At Berkshire Mountain Detox, we are ready to help people around Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and other parts of Massachusetts.

How Family Affects Addiction Recovery

When an individual has an addiction problem, his or her entire family may enter an unhealthy dynamic. Many times, friends and family become enablers. Instead of facing issues, it becomes easier to make excuses for poor behavior. It may seem simpler to ignore the situation to keep the peace. Many friends and family members feel responsible for the addicted person’s issues and do not know how to help.

Positive Ways a Family Can Influence Recovery

There are healthy roles that family members can play in a loved one’s recovery process. Having a solid support system in place simplifies detox and the recovery period. It begins by holding the addict accountable for their actions. It is essential to set healthy boundaries within a family, as well. Incorporating family into treatment is the best way to ensure successful and long-term recovery.

Family Program During Detox in Great Barrington, Massachusetts

The detox process is never easy. However, Berkshire Mountain Detox provides support and guidance for entire families. Throughout treatment, family members can play active roles in the recovery of their loved ones. After a client has finished a set amount of in-house care, family may be able to participate in therapy.

It can take time for a patient to recognize the need for family involvement. However, when therapy begins, it is often a time of great healing. Drug and alcohol addiction can divide loved ones. Family program during detox therapy sessions can bring everyone back together so that it is possible to begin a successful journey of recovery.

Various Family Programs Throughout Detox at Berkshire Mountain Detox

In our detox facility, we have many programs that allow families to participate in their loved one’s recovery process. Our qualified therapists recommend the best option for individual circumstances so that long-term sobriety can be attained.

Family Process Group

  • Headed by licensed therapists
  • Solely for patients and their families
  • Provides insight into a patient’s specific behaviors and actions during addiction
  • Each family member can express emotions and feelings
  • Time is provided for family members to ask questions and receive answers regarding the recovery process

Family Education Group

  • Covers mental issues like depression, anxiety, and similar disorders that affect addiction
  • Examines roles of family members during recovery
  • Advice and tools are provided to avoid relapse
  • Introduces aftercare plans, including conventional 12-step programs for long-term sobriety

Individual Family Therapy

  • Family dynamics are discussed with a master therapist at Berkshire Mountain Detox
  • Patient progress updates provided to family
  • Family is educated about the recovery period and how to avoid future issues

Family Group Therapy

  • Creates a safe haven for families and patients to come together and to share their struggles and triumphs
  • A licensed master therapist with expertise in recovery treatment facilitates these sessions
  • Provides a support system during recovery

At Berkshire Mountain Detox, we offer a variety of therapy options, including sessions for families. It is essential to have a support and guidance system for both people facing addiction and their loved ones. It helps to set the tone for a sober tomorrow.

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