Although there are multiple approaches to treating addiction, the Therapeutic Community model is incredibly beneficial. This is why we emphasize the importance of group therapy at Berkshire Mountain Detox of Great Barrington. When you can share your thoughts and concerns with others who are also in recovery, you have valuable support. Groups help reduce the sense of isolation that people often feel when they start the recovery process. [1]

A Community for Recovery

No person should face the struggles of overcoming addiction alone. When you have the support of a recovery community, you have trained medical professionals who are your advocates. You also meet new friends, gain a knowledgeable sponsor, and make connections with others who encourage your efforts. This design gives you and others the ability to express your feelings and encourage one another freely. As you grow together, our professionals teach you how to maintain your sobriety.

At Berkshire Mountain Detox, our goal is to help you overcome addiction permanently. Individual care is of utmost importance to us, so we develop a custom plan for you. We treat you with the respect and compassion that you need and deserve. The treatment strategies that we offer have excellent success rates. These are a few group strategies that we use.

Educational Groups

Since overcoming a substance use disorder is not a simple process, we believe in empowering patients by educating them. Each category of treatment must include many facets since addiction treatment is a complex process. [2] Our educational groups help you learn what affects certain urges and tendencies. By helping you understand the core issues of addiction, we equip you with strategies to overcome triggers.

These are some examples of topics that you can expect to explore with us during group therapy at Berkshire Mountain Detox:

  • Why addiction is a disease
  • How to prevent relapse
  • An introduction to 12-step programs
  • How to adapt to post-treatment living arrangements
  • How addiction and mental health affect one another
  • The role of the family in addiction recovery

Daily Process Groups

Every day, many of our patients look forward to participating in process groups. These group meetings are safe places for personal expression. This is what you can expect:

  • Group members share their problems or struggles
  • Group members provide feedback to each other, and this helps everyone grow together
  • Therapists provide constructive feedback and encouragement to everyone

Medical Education Groups

In our medical education groups, you and your peers can learn about the complex medical aspects of addiction. An experienced medical professional leads the group meetings. You learn about various disorders, medications, and much more. Also, we teach you how these issues can affect sobriety.

Book Study Groups

“Staying Sober” is a powerful book that Terence Gorski wrote. You will find some critical parts of our treatment programs in the book. Mr. Gorski is known for his expertise and powerful strategies for overcoming addiction.[3] He wrote “Sober Living,” which offers helpful suggestions for transitioning into healthy routines and avoiding triggers after treatment.

Growing Through Group Therapy During Detox

If you live in Great Barrington or Eastern Massachusetts, we welcome you to learn more about our facility and services. We are dedicated to helping you, or a struggling loved one start recovery and regain control. Please contact us to learn more.