One of the aspects of addiction treatment that does not get enough attention is aftercare planning. It can help prevent relapse. In a Scottish study, the participants who received aftercare after detox had double the sobriety rate of those who did not have aftercare. [1] People often return to situations, groups, or places that make them feel pressured or enticed to relapse. To stay on the path to recovery, it is essential to avoid those triggers and have an established plan for after detox completion.

At Berkshire Mountain Detox, our goal is to develop a personalized aftercare plan that you are comfortable with when you finish the detox process. We are committed to helping you beat addiction for good. Our aftercare plans may consist of group meetings, sober living, or other ongoing treatments. By developing a thorough plan with clear steps, we help you feel more confident as you move forward in your recovery. Our Great Barrington facility also serves clients from Eastern Massachusetts.

Inpatient Treatment

Our inpatient services provide you with a safe place to stay while receiving direct care from trained medical professionals. In our facility, you can access the tools and other resources you need to start your recovery. If there are any emergencies, we have qualified physicians ready to help at any hour. During your stay, we work hard to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Individual Therapy

Our patients benefit from individual therapy, which we believe is a crucial part of a comprehensive plan. Individual therapy helps you identify and overcome stressors, social networks, and environmental cues that are triggers. [2] Your therapist provides a safe and confidential environment for you to share your thoughts and questions. We encourage our clients to continue therapy sessions after detox, either in a sober living environment, or outpatient treatment.

12-Step Meetings

After patients leave our facility, we strongly encourage them to attend 12-step meetings regularly. If you are new to these, you will have time to learn more about them while in our facility. The 12-step meetings can help provide you with support from people who are also working hard to stay on the path of recovery. You will also have a sponsor who can help address your unique needs.

Sober Living

When our patients do not have a safe or supportive place to stay after leaving our facility, we recommend sober living homes. Many people worry that the triggers they were exposed to before will cause them to relapse. In a sober living facility, you have a place to live without triggers, and with the support of others who understand your struggles. Most residents say that sober living helps reduce their anxieties. Studies show that 12-step meetings and strong social support systems produce better outcomes for residents in sober living homes. [3]

Medical Services During Detox

At Berkshire Mountain Detox, we understand that patients often have other medical conditions in addition to addiction. When you enter our facility, a medical professional conducts a thorough evaluation to ensure that we address your unique needs as we create your treatment plan. With the help of medications and professional monitoring, you have a safer place to detox with reduced withdrawal symptoms. After you complete detox, we help you transition into your aftercare strategy and ensure that you have proper access to medical treatment.

Custom Aftercare Planning

After detox, it is hard to predict your exposure to triggers. The good news is that you have a team of advocates at Berkshire Mountain Detox in Great Barrington to help you build a strong relapse prevention plan. Please contact us to learn more.